"Created with purpose"

Almost everyone in the world has been told "you are created for a purpose at least once in their life.  Yet there are people who struggle with understanding the idea their life has purpose.  With Suicide continuing to grow, depression being a major part of society, a lost of hope in the world, it becomes harder and harder for people to see a purpose that is worth something.  

Aaron focuses on a unique message that changes that understanding. Giving a different mindset of not being created for a purpose, but created with purpose.  

Through a energetic, humorous, passion filled message, Aaron isn't afraid to talk on this hard subject, giving different perspective for those who struggle with questioning their purpose and why they were created.  

Looking at God's purpose through creation, pain and suffering, and the journey's we see through scripture. There is a deeper understanding  that Aaron brings on what purpose means from God.

Aaron leads us on how we can live a life with purpose.  Giving a perspective of pursuing God and seeing purpose part of our lives rather then a goal needing to be reached.  


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Strengthening Faith by Building Hope and Joy in Jesus Christ.

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