“What I love about working with Aaron is his heart and passion for the gospel and addition is his humility which is rare and unique these days.  I love Aaron’s heart and his willing to serve with the gospel and how Jesus shines through his heart. “


-Josh Brewer

CEO Lifelight


“He has such a passion to reach others for Christ, you can see that the first time you see and hear him speak with the passion to reach the full potential people can have in Christ.  He uses personal experiences, as well as humor to break down the barrier from himself and the audience to fully connect with them.   They are able to take it and really use it to connect home, so they can apply it to their own lives.”


-Jason Bennet

Worship Leader 


"Aaron did a really good job speaking a language we all can understand, engaging people. I thought what he had to say was rock solid."

              -Zach Blickens

             White Ribbon Day